Betula Sport organizes Flyboard flights in the Rummu quarry, the Pärnu River,  Lake Viljandi and Katariina Kai (Tallinn)

You can book a flight right now, or contact us directly for more info.

Personal swimwear is needed. We provide a helmet and a personal flotation device. Moreover, if desired, we also provide  a callypso.

Riding the Flyboard is not difficult. All you need is balance, and the trust and attention towards the instructor.
Finding the right balance will take time, for first-time users typically ca. 5 minutes. More complicated tricks need more time on the water of course. If you have been previously engaged in similar sports (snowboarding, wakeboarding, etc.), this should definitely be in your favor. There are no  particular physical capabilities needed to enjoy the ride.

Our hose length is currently 20 meters. Beginners will be lifted two or three meters above the water – the height from which water jumping usually is not yet scary. Our flyboard leaves the pilots hands free. This allows the user to have a more natural and comfortable feel of mobility.  The Instructor will control the power, the maneuvering is completely under the  control of the pilot.

For more info on manouvering, check out Flyboard 101